Greenhouse and Poultry Farm Evaporative Cooling Pad

Short Description:

Based on the natural physical phenomenon of “water evaporates and absorbs heat”, that is, water flows from top to bottom under the action of gravity, forming a water film on the corrugated fiber surface of the cooling pad. When the fast-moving air passes through the cooling pad,the water in the water film absorbs the heat in the air and evaporates, so that the temperature of the air passing through the cooling pad is reduced, thereby achieving cooling effect.

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Product Highlights

★ Corrugated paper has high intensity structure, corrosion resistant with long service life;
★ Fine percolating and absorbing water to ensure water drip wet the wall;
★ Specific stereoscopic structure can provide the largest evaporation surface area for heating exchanging between water and air;
★ Outer frame can be alternative of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC and galvanized board;
★ Color customized, such as brown, green, double color, single-side black, single-side green, single-side yellow, etc.

Product Parameters

ModelNo. Specification h(mm)
a(° b(°)
KMWPS 17 7090 model 7 45 45 1000/1500/1800/2000 100/150/200/300 300/600
KMWPS 18 7060 model 7 45 15
KMWPS 19 5090 model 5 45 45

H: height of pad       a:angle of flute           b:angle of flute

h:height of flute       T:thickness of pad        W:width of pad

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