How to identify rubber buckets?


Rubber buckets have been in use for a long time for varieties of purpose. Made of different types of synthetic rubber, they are available in various colors & sizes. One most popular material used in making buckets is the tyre rubber waste or any recycled rubber, which is re-processed. Using factory waste, tyre treads and raw rubber, these buckets are great for any person who really cares about the environment and prefers using long lasting quality recycled rubber products. There are different models, sizes and shapes of rubber buckets available in the market to choose from for a variety of industrial, construction & maintenance applications. For livestock breeding, rubber buckets are mainly used for animal feeding and drinking. 


Advantages of Rubber Buckets

The rubber buckets have a number of advantages over normal buckets such as follows:

Rubber buckets are versatile.They are made tough & strong and can be produced in any shapes and sizes.

They are light weight compared to metal or wooden buckets.

Rubber buckets are UV and frost resistant which is not the case in wooden or metal buckets.Rubber buckets are non-toxic.

Tyre Rubber which is used in making buckets is naturally frost and sunlight proof.

Because of the flexibility feature of rubber, rubber buckets can be used effectively for carrying anything starting from liquid to any king of solids.

Tyre rubber are soft but strong material is extremely safe for all livestock. Crush-proof, crack-proof, and freeze-proof so you can use it indoors or outdoors year-round!

These rubber buckets can withstand severe use and abuse.

Buying Tips

Three important factors are to be considered for buying rubber buckets: weight, capacity and dimension

Other factors like colors, additional features like two handles, one handle, with lid, with pouring lip etc. depends on individual preferences.

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Post time: Sep-19-2022