How to start new pig farms and the renovation of old pig farms?

With the development of the breeding industry and fierce market competitiveness, the construction of pig farm is quite important. From the initial construction stage to the mode of pig breeding and management, how to promote profits is quite important. Here we’d like to share with you from the following six aspects.

Environmental protection

To start the construction of pig farms, you must consider the impacts on the surroundings and comply with national regulations. It is also possible to obtain financial support from relevant departments according to local conditions, and do a good job in biogas power generation and resource reuse, making sure that manure discharged can reach the standard.

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Safety and epidemic prevention

Biosecurity and epidemic prevention has always been a blind spot for pig farms and were paid less attention. Pig farms should formulate a strict epidemic prevention system, and strictly control and disinfect people coming in&out, transportation vehicles and pig farm channel diversion. The location of pig farm should be far away from the polluted area to lower the risk of external factors as much as possible.

Special attention should be paid to the introduction of foreign breeds, and they should be isolated first and then housed to avoid the spread of foreign germs , which will bring hidden dangers to the efficiency of the pig farm.

Pig house construction

The renovation of pig farms must be thoroughly and reasonably planned based on the production process, technology and ventilation, avoiding chaotic layout, difficult operation  and lower labor rate.

The breeding equipment of pig farm should consider the different physiological stages of pigs. For example, the design of the pig stall should consider different stage of production links. The production area, management area and office area should be separated. The treatment of manure, sick and dead pigs should also consider harmless treatment.

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Automatic feeding equipment

The installation of automatic feeding equipment in pig houses can effectively reduce manual investment and improve feeding efficiency, especially realize regular and quantitative feeding of sows to ensure product efficiency.

Change breeding concept

The existence of veterinarians and technical personnel present is very helpful to strengthen epidemic prevention and monitoring. It is possible to understand the infected and sick pigs in advance and take early protective measures. Meanwhile, it is necessary to learn the breeding concepts and methods from advanced pig farms, continuously upgrade the facilities and technologies of own farms, and fundamentally improve pig raising skills to ensure benefits.

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Post time: Aug-17-2022