Nursery Crate for Weaning Piglets

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Nursery crate is used for piglet breeding after weaning, assembled by plastic boards all around and plastic slatted floor at the bottom with flat steel supporting. It is equipped with double-sided 6-hole feeder troughs and drinking trough. The bed bottom and the bed frame are connected and assembled by bolts.

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★ High strength PP slatted floor with high load-bearing, wear resistant, anti-slip and easy to clean.

★ Reinforced footing, firm and not shaking.

★ The gateway can be opened or closed as a whole and the pen is insulated for easy disinfection.

★ The combination of PVC board and metal steel beam avoids cross-infection of adjacent units, and assures the temperature for the piglets under the premise of ensuring ventilation.

★ Both dry&wet feeder or double-sided stainless steel trough are available.

Product Parameters

Dimension 4.0*1.8*0.7m with two zones,can depends on the request
Material PVC
Feeder Double side steel feeders or dry and wet feeders
Drinker Drinking bowl
Floor Plastic floors

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