Plastic PP Poultry Slatted Floor

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The plastic poultry slatted floor is used for chicken, goose, duck, quail, turkey, or other birds commonly. We offer the big hole and small hole slatted floor for choosing, the small hole for baby poultry, like chicks and ducklings; and the big hole for adult poultry.Without civil engineering, you can save materials and labor costs.

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★ With a high rate of fecal leakage, easy to rinse and clean, and can be used repeatedly after disinfection.
★ Compared with slatted floor made of bamboo raft or cast iron, the plastic material does not rot, rust or absorb water, easy to clean.
★ The supporting beam and leg to install the floors makes the installation process more simpler, convenient to disassemble and disinfect the floors.
★ No burrs, no hurt to poultry feet.
★ The moderate elasticity can significantly improve the breeding and management conditions for breeding hens and commercial chickens.

Product Parameters

Model No. Specification(mm) Material Weight Hole Diameter Bearing Capacity
KMWPF 14 1200*500*40 PP 2000 g 18*26mm ≥150kg
KMWPF 15 1200*500*40 PP 2000 g 16*16mm


KMWPF 16 600*500*40 PP 1150 g 20*24mm


KMWPF 17 1000*500*40 PP 1950 g 25*50mm


KMWPF 18 1000*500*40 PP 1950 g 20*24mm


KMWPF 19 1200*500*40 PP 2300 g 20*24mm


Bearing capacity test: test rod with Φ40mm and force 150kg, turning whitened with no break.

Impact test: iron ball with the weight of 4kg falls from the height of 50cm for 5 points, no break.

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