Plastic Slatted Floor for Sheep

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Sheep/Goat plastic slat floor is special designed for goat feeding, and improve living condition of sheep. It can effectively prevent poultry toe pain, foot rot, coccidiosis and other infectious diseases, thus improving economic benefits.Together with galvanized flat beam or FRP beam, it is a good choice for customers who want to built their goat farm above the ground. With a service life of more than 10 years, it is indispensable for large and medium-sized sheep farms.

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★ Light weight. More convenient to transport and install.
★ Corrosion resistant. More durable than wooden, bamboo and cast iron (fragile) materials in the environment with higher humidity.
★ High thermal insulation co-efficiency. The temperature difference between day and night of plastic floors is smaller than that of cast iron, so it can avoid cold or scald due to large temperature difference and is beneficial to livestock health.
★ Easy to wash with good fecal leakage effect. The fecal leakage hole is long, not jammed and easy to clean. The arched design with two rows of double ribs and lateral fecal leakage holes making the fecal leakage effect much better. It is made without cracks so and can be flushed with the high-pressure water jet of washing machine easily.
★ Easy to install or remove. The slots on both sides of the floors make the installation or removal more convenient for the seamlessly connection in a zigzag pattern.
★ Anti-falling. The surface of the floors is frosted to increase the contact area and the friction, thereby preventing animals from falling and hurting.

Product Description

The whole goat plastic floor is constructed by molding. The feces leaking hole is long and the back is arched, with double ribs and horizontal manure leaking holes added to prevent feces from getting stuck; the surface is frosted to enhance friction and prevent sheep from falling down; there are slots on both sides for easy feeding. Installation and transportation. And made of PP material, strong load-bearing, long life. It can effectively prevent diseases and improve economic benefits, and is a necessary choice for sheep farms.

Product Parameters

 Model No.

Specification(mm) Material Weight Floor Thickness Rib Thickness Bearing Capacity
KMWPF 12 600*600 PP 2150 g  5.0mm 3.5mm ≥200kg
KMWPF 13 1000*500 PP 2700 g 3.5mm 3.2mm ≥200kg

Bearing capacity test: test rod with Φ40mm and force 200kg, turning whitened with no break.

Impact test: iron ball with the weight of 4kg falls from the height of 50cm for 5 points, no break.

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