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Kemiwo® offers more than standard work, we are a total builder that thinks along creatively and advises. Our strength is in our team of real craftsmen who know what quality is.

Whether it concerns pig, cow, goats, or poultry stables, Kemiwo® is the place to go. Because of our many years of experience and experienced craftsmen, we can always offer a suitable solution. Because of our unique combination of technique and rich product line, we can offer many suitable products for turn-key projects.

Poultry Farm Construction

Taian Wens Geshi Ecological Ranch


Located in Geshi Town,Taian City, the project includes 105 chicken houses. After completion, the number of broiler chickens will exceed 13 million annually.

Poultry feeder trough, chicken treadle and cage adjustable plate supplied by our company.


Livestock Farm Construction

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