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We offer all kinds of rubber mats for pigs, cattle, goat/sheep and horses with good elasticity, hardness and environmental friendly. Easy to clean, it can create a secure and satisfied environment for animals by offering additional warmth and insulation, groove underside for effective drainage. Comfortable and safe environment will help a lot for pigs growing in good health, saving the expensive breeding cost and helping pigs eat more happily.

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  • Featured by high tear strength and anti-slip surface, various types with good quality.
  • Easy to clean, keeping the pigsty hygiene.
  • Flexible size design and customization can meet different requirements.
  • American rubber mats are designed with unique handle for easy carrying, surface sealing lips can effectively prevent leakage of feed and reduce feed waste.

Product Parameters

Model No.

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KMWR 101

American rubber mat for pigsty


Fiber reinforced rubber

For American pig crates

KMWR 102


Fiber reinforced rubber

KMWR 103

1016*717*12.7mm(with edge); 1066*711*12.7mm(without edge)

Fiber reinforced rubber

KMWR 104

Traditional pigsty mat

1800*1200*7mm;600*1200*7mm;450*1200*7mm, customized

Fiber reinforced rubber

For piglets in the farrowing crates

KMWR 105

European style pigsty mat


NR,SBR, reclaimed rubber

Triangle or trapezoid shape, used for nursery pigs

KMWR 106

Fiber reinforced rubber pigsty mat

Width:up to 1.1m, length:up to 3.6m, thickness:6/8/10/12mm, customized

Fiber reinforced rubber

For weaning/fattening pigs

KMWR 108

Rubber sow mats



For sows


Anti-slip rubber mat with holes



For slaughterhouse, pig semen collection platform, etc.

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