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Gestation crate is used for sows during pregnancy.It reduces the abortion rate by reasonable restriction of moving space and also makes it easy and efficient for feeding. Adopting round steel structure with overall hot-dipped galvanization, touch latch push lock and inclined front door design save space and labor cost. Applicable to pregnant sow, arm-empty sow, gilt and boar. Size can be customized.

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★ Round steel structure with overall hot-dipped galvanization for long service life.
★ Suitable for intensive breeding, individual space management avoids sow fighting and reduce abortion rate& feed consumption.
★ Bolt-together design saves installation time and maintenance costs.
★ The back door is designed to facilitate artificial insemination and miscarriage operations.
★ Two-way adjustable door, quick-closing locking system and inclined front door design save space and labor cost.
★ The anti-jumping pole can prevent the sow from jumping the pen, but also play a reinforcement role.
★ Thick foot design, stable and safe,perfect match with trough.
★ Customization supported.

Product Parameters

gestation 3D
gestation 3D
Application Dimension(customized supported) Weight Material of steel crate Accessories
gestation cage 2200(L)×600(W)×1000(H)MM; 38.8kg Hot-dip galvanized, the main frame is made from 1/2 inch/DN20 pipe, thickness 2.3mm, the inner frame is made from DN15/ 3/4 inch pipe, thickness 2.3mm. Stainless steel Nipple drinker, feeder trough
2200(L)×640(W)×1000(H)MM; 39kg
2200(L)×660(W)×1000(H)MM; 39.2kg
2200(L)×680(W)×1000(H)MM; 39.2kg
2200(L)×700(W)×1000(H)MM; 39.4kg

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