Chickens lay very small eggs for four main reasons

1. Inadequate access to nutrition.

The size and quality of a chicken’s eggs have a lot to do with the amount of nutrients it consumes. Chickens need a variety of nutrients in order to maintain life activities and produce eggs, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. If the feed consumed by chickens is lacking in these nutrients, it will affect the chicken’s growth and ability to lay eggs, resulting in chickens laying exceptionally small eggs.

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2. Salpingitis.

Salpingitis is a common chicken disease, usually caused by bacterial infection, malnutrition, viral infection, etc. Salpingitis causes the chicken’s reproductive system to become inflamed, affecting the normal function of the ovaries, which can lead to smaller or non-laying eggs.

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3. Fright and other reasons.

When chickens are frightened, panicked, stressed and other adverse stimuli, they will cause them to lay smaller eggs or not to lay eggs, because the body’s stress response will affect the reproductive system of chickens. For example, if the breeding environment is unstable, too noisy, or the breeding density is too high, the chickens can be frightened and stressed. In order to avoid this situation, breeders need to pay attention to keeping the breeding environment stable and quiet, reducing unnecessary interference and stimulation.

4. First laying eggs.

The age and weight of chickens is one of the important factors that affect the size of eggs laid by chickens. Younger chickens tend to lay smaller eggs because their bodies are not fully developed and their reproductive organs and ovaries are not fully developed. In general, the older the chicken, the number and size of eggs will gradually increase. Therefore, we breeders need to reasonably arrange the feeding plan according to the characteristics of different breeds and ages of chickens to ensure that chickens lay eggs at the right time and produce sufficient numbers of eggs.

To sum up, the reasons why chickens lay particularly small eggs are various, and it is necessary for breeders to take comprehensive consideration and corresponding measures to ensure the health of chickens and egg production.

Post time: Jul-27-2023