How to judge the quality of PP manure belt?

Poultry production has far-reaching effects on a wide range of natural resources and must be carefully managed, given the increasing scarcity of these resources and the opportunities they provide for other livestock sectors. Hen manure is a valuable nutrient resource for crops and forage and a feed-stock for renewable energy generation; however, if mishandled, it can pose significant environmental burdens for air and water quality as well as require additional energy for processing, thus making manure belt choosing more important.


PP manure removal belt is often used for manure cleaning of caged and flat-raised poultry and livestock. It is easy to operate, convenient and practical. It has been widely used in laying hens, broilers, quails, meat pigeons, ducks and geese. The conveyor belt system can dry the chicken manure into granules, making the reuse rate of the chicken manure high. The chicken manure can be sent directly to the manure removal truck outside the poultry house. Chicken manure is not fermented in the poultry house, making the air in the house fresh. Chicken flocks have good sanitation and epidemic prevention effect, and can effectively prevent chicken infectious diseases. Once the epidemic situation is found, it can be quickly controlled so as not to spread, and chickens do not come into contact with feces, which can make chickens grow healthier and provide chickens with a clean and comfortable growth environment.

Kemiwo® can extrude high precision 0.6mm~2mm thickness new pp poultry manure belts for chicken farm, width from 10cm~250cm, length customized in rolls, high mechanical tensile strength, can work in -50℃ cold temperature, production capacity of 30 tons/day.

For the manure belt is customized, here are some suggestions for customers.

Commonly used width for broilers: between 0.65m and 0.95m, for laying hens: between 1.0m and 3.0m

Thickness selection: 0.7MM-0.8mm-0.9mm-1.0mm-1.1mm-1.2mm-1.5mm

In fact, the choice of width and thickness still depends on the needs of customers! Many quail pigeons even use a width between 0.35-0.55m!

With unique performance, improved tensile strength, impact resistance, low temperature resistance to minus 50 degrees. Strong toughness, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, the manure conveyor belt can can adapt to various working environments and has its unique flexibility. With longer service life, the belt is widely used in many poultry farms.So how to distinguish good from bad?



PP manure belt is mostly added additives, the more the additives, the darker the color. But high-quality belt is bright white.

Secondly, if added recycled material, there will be obvious white marks on the corners folded in half.

Thirdly, there will be black smoke or black objects if burning bad belt. Therefore, when choosing good manure belt, price is only one aspect, high quality is more important.

Post time: Aug-25-2022