The global poultry farming industry is facing many changes and innovations

Demand in the global poultry market is growing steadily, especially in developing countries. The growing demand for quality poultry products and meat is driving the growth of the poultry farming industry.
Systematic breeding trend: More and more poultry breeding companies are beginning to adopt systematic breeding methods. This farming method utilizes advanced technology and equipment to improve production efficiency and animal welfare while reducing environmental impact. Systematic farming helps improve the growth rate, health and product quality of poultry.
Innovation in poultry floors: In order to improve the living conditions of poultry, many companies have begun to develop new poultry floors. Made from non-slip, antibacterial and easy-to-clean materials, these floors provide a comfortable and clean environment that helps prevent the spread of disease and animal harm.
Feeder technology innovation: Poultry feeder technology is also constantly innovating and improving. There are now smart feeders that can accurately feed chickens according to their needs and feed amounts, avoid overfeeding or waste, and can track and record the feed intake and health of the chickens.
The above news shows that the poultry farming industry is developing in a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly direction to meet the growing global demand for poultry products.

Post time: Oct-27-2023