Why PVC plank is important and widely used in pig farm?

PVC panels are widely used during the construction of pig farms, not only for pig farm partitions, but also in sow farrowing beds and fattening crates. The usage of PVC boards makes the construction and breeding more convenient. It is also widely used as partitions for construction sites and municipal roads. 


PVC hollow boards are widely used in sow farrowing crates and nursery crates with obvious advantages.  It can provide animals with a comfortable growth environment, thereby reducing the occurrence of diseases, improving the survival rate of piglets & facilitating breeding and management. PVC hollow board can be used in both as crate wall board and sliding curtain panel.


Advantages of PVC panels:

• Durable with low cost, no paint maintenance required.

• Convenient to install, greatly improving the installation efficiency.

• Various specifications with beautiful appearance.

• Safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and safe without the damage of steel bars.

• Long service life without the occurrence of yellowing, fading, cracking or foaming.

• Recycling can be achieved.

With the development of husbandry industry, PVC hollow board has been widely used in various breeding farms, and it is a new type of animal husbandry artifact. Combined with the concept of replacing wood with plastic and replacing steel with plastic, we believe that PVC board will be highly praised and more widely used in the future.

Post time: Aug-02-2022