Round Steel American Farrowing Crate

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A pig farrowing crate includes sow locating frame, piglet fence, piglet heating box, slatted floor, fiberglass beam, trough for sow and supplementary feeding trough for piglet, etc. It is especially designed for sow’s farrowing and lactating.

Pig farrowing crate is also called pig farrowing house or pig farrowing fence. Our farrowing solutions are designed with safety, comfort and productivity in mind for both sows and piglets. For ease of management, it also features an innovative, pig-proof latching mechanism that can be managed with a single hand on both front and rear gates.

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The American farrowing pen is the most delivered farrowing pen by us.We have composed a robust and simple farrowing pen with a very high price/quality ratio, by closely listening to our customers and our experiences on the market. This farrowing pen is characterized by the following points:
★ Adjustable, bent, undertube;
★ Farrowing pen adjustable in length and width;
★ Crash bars;
★ Bent out footrests;
★ Removable side fences;
★ Spacious mounting possibilities in the front part for feeding and water tubes;
★ W-gate at the back.

Of course, we can also offer farrowing pens that are composed and designed client specific.

Product Parameters

fattening crate
Round Tube European Farrowing Crate
Size 2.4*1.8m or customized
Treatment Over hot-dipped galvanization
Material 20mm round steel bar
Floor 8 plastic slat floors( 600*400mm &600*700mmfor piglets)

4 cast iron floors (600*700mm for sow) or1 Tri-bar steel floor

PVC board Y bar 500*35mm, weight 4.12kg/m, wall thickness 2.0mm, rib thickness 1.0mm
Floor support beam 4 pieces, 2400*120mm galvanized steel support beam/FRP floor support beam
Fiberglass beam base 8 sets, polypropylene raw material
European type insulation cover Open-type warm box made of fiberglass
Heat preservation lamp 150-250w
Piglet non-slip pad Rubber 400*1100mm,optional
Feeder 1 stainless steel (SS) feeder respectively for sow and piglet
Drinker 1 SS drinker (for sow), 1 SS water bowl (for piglet)
Fixture 1 set stainless steel galvanized expansion bolts

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